Webbed Flowers

Halloween is upon us, and it's one of my favorite holidays of the year! It's only natural for me to start making decorations, right? The place I shop for my decorations and supplies every year is the Dollar Tree. It's affordable, and they have the cutest things!

Check Out My New Designer Collection!

Check out my new designer collection on VIDA! VIDA is an amazing company that connects designers with makers. Because each piece is handmade when it's ordered it makes it that much special. Plus, every item includes the signature of the designer. You can check out my current collection "Pink Peony" at my VIDA store: http://ht.ly/lleH30dFbAbContinue reading Check Out My New Designer Collection!

Festivals and Froyo

Most people who know me personally, know that I work for a very special frozen yogurt company. I won't specify which one for legal reasons, and personal reasons πŸ˜‰ Today, our small town had an excellent art festival put on by our communities art center. It was unbelievable! They had so many types of artists … Continue reading Festivals and Froyo

Practice Practice Practice!

Being busy is no excuse to practice your creativity. Being creative is just like any other practice, use it or lose it! Of course you never truly lose your creativity. However, once you stop for a certain period it takes time to build that creative muscle back up! That's why even though I've been busy … Continue reading Practice Practice Practice!


Good news! I'm moving, but until I'm all set up this blog will be a little quiet. However, it shouldn't take me to long to get settled in.  I'm really excited to be getting a craft room/office! Please pray for me and my family as we move into our new home! Thanks for understanding!

Crafty Sketch #1

I'm proud to introduce Crafty Sketch! Crafty Sketch is similar to all of the Card Sketch challenges you to see out there except it's meant to be used on any type of media! You can create a card or even mixed media! Challenge yourself! To make it a real challenge why not... Make a card … Continue reading Crafty Sketch #1

Make It Monday: Card Styles and Creative Sprint

Cards come in different shapes and sizes. They come in various styles too. Why not challenge yourself this week to make a type of card you haven't before. You could try making a rocker card, side step, maybe even a middle step card like I did! This card was made especially for Creative Sprint, which … Continue reading Make It Monday: Card Styles and Creative Sprint

Case In Crafting …

Case In Crafting now has its own custom domain! Now we are http://www.caseincrafting.com! Expect to see at least one post each week! Make It Monday is going to be a for sure post each week. I may even decide to make a bonus post! You never know ... So make sure to follow my blog … Continue reading Case In Crafting …

Make It Monday: CD Rom Crafting

The best part of paper crafting has to be all the beautiful papers! The worst part is using those gorgeous papers because you don't want to run out of them! It's vicious I tell you! But there is hope. CD-Rom's are a paper crafter's best friend. Recently, I purchased a "few" CD-Rom's from Debbi Moore: … Continue reading Make It Monday: CD Rom Crafting